Welcome to Kanvas !

The first collaborative and decentralized canvas, based on the first feeless smart-contract blockchain, Koinos !
What is Kanvas ?

The concept

Discover what makes our platform and game, Kanvas, so special and worth taking part in !
A collaborative canvas
Kanvas concept is simple : a blank 1000x1000 canvas on which users can place colored pixels. This collaborative game has raised a great deal of interest, following the r/place event on Reddit.

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But decentralized !
Canvas data, including pixels, are stored on a blockchain and, thus, decentralized. This means that access to and use of this data is entirely public and not under the control of a single stakeholder or server!

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Backed by a utility token
You can place on the canvas a number of pixels equal to the number of Kanvas tokens ($KAN) you own. When another user places a pixel on top of one of yours, you can place a new one.

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Integrated with a NFT collection
The NFT Kanvas Gods collection is fully integrated into the game, granting different powers and placement abilities depending on the tier.

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On a feeless platform !
Kanvas is a smart-contract and token on the first feeless blockchain. When you place a pixel, there are no transaction fees! $KAN are not consumed, and you can resell them when you're done playing!

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With a high potential
$KAN is the third token in the Koinos blockchain. It has real utility as an access capability to the Kanvas game. It will be released in several stages as liquidity on KoinDX and with events.

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What are the characteristics of $KAN ?

Tokenomics :
statistics & info.

Kanvas ($KAN) is a community-driven token on the Koinos blockchain, representing the maximum number of pixels its owner can place simultaneously on the canvas
Total supply
3 000 000 $KAN
Author & developper
Red Raven
July 15th, 2023
Earliness of the project
1st game created on Koinos
Project & marketing
50% = 1.5M
Liquidity pools
37% = 1.1M
13% = 400k
Who is involved?


Kanvas is fully integrated into the Koinos ecosystem, and listed on exchanges. It is also supported by the main Koinos projects.
What is planned for the future of Kanvas ?


Find out what we plan to do this year and the next one to turn this project into the new Koinos gem !
Phase 1 : Genesis
Phase 2 : Growth
Phase 3 : Take off
Phase 1


Website, contract & socials
Listing on KoinDX & launch
Integrated wallet
Price and volume charts
Batch pixel drawing
Demo version
50 holders
Phase 2


Space Striker
Kanvas manasharing
Kanvas Gods NFT collection
Chainge listing
Stress testing
100 holders
Phase 3


Mobile app
CEX listing
Zealy campaign
Weekly artistic contests
Integration as ad banner
Coingecko & CMC listings
Two new games
How to play Kanvas ?

Buying $KAN and $KOIN.

You can buy $KAN on a CEX like Coinstore, which is easier, or on a DEX like KoinDX. Follow the steps down below to get some tokens on a DEX. You can find more info about the whole process or the other listed exchanges like Chainge in the docs
Step 1
Install Kondor
Kondor is a Koinos browser wallet to safely store your tokens. Download, install and setup the Chrome extension.
Download Kondor
Step 2
$KOIN is the native token of the Koinos platform. You will need it, to generate MANA in order to perform transactions !
Step 3
Transfer $KOIN
Withdraw your $KOIN from your MEXC account to send them to your private Kondor wallet (unique public adress).
MEXC withdrawing tutorial
Step 4
Buy $KAN
Go on KoinDX and look for $KAN token. You can now swap your $KOIN for $KAN tokens and enjoy playing Kanvas game !
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Frequently Asked Questions.
This section will try to answer most questions you could have about the project. If you didn't find what you were looking for, do not hesitate to join our Telegram community to ask us !
What sets your project apart from other crypto canvas projects?
The Kanvas project is a crypto canvas on the Koinos blockchain. Koinos is the first smart-contract platform to be entirely free of charge, i.e. there are no transaction fees. Each transaction uses mana, which you obtain free of charge simply by holding Koin, the native currency of Koinos. You'll also need to buy $KAN to place pixels. However, the act of placing a pixel costs you nothing, and you can always resell your Koin and $KAN once you've finished playing!
How can I buy $KAN ?
You can follow the steps described above. You can also check the docs.
How can I help ?
There are many ways to help the project. First, you can play the Kanvas game. You can also tell your friends and social networks about the project, so that as many people as possible know about it and it goes viral! Finally, you can help us with tasks such as creating memes, animating the community, creating images or translating certain texts.
What happens if I have placed all my pixels and transfer my $KAN to another address to place new ones with this account?
Of course, Kanvas developers have taken this case into account! In this case, all the pixels you placed with your previous address will be removed from the canvas. In this way, $KAN cannot be used to place more pixels than their capacity.
How large is the canvas ?
The canvas is 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. Its size can be modified by the developer if required.
What is the expected return on investment ? Wen moon ?
We're sorry, but we can't predict the token's future price or popularity. It is therefore impossible to answer this question! We're developing the project as best we can, and it's up to the community to make the difference!
My swap failed, how to fix it ?
In this case, you can try to put a higher slippage tolerance on the decentealized exchange. However, note that it will cost you more Koin to do so!

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