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How to buy $KOIN

First step first ! Since Kanvas is on the Koinos blockchain, you will first need to get some $KOIN to swap it for $KAN !

Creating a wallet

There are several easy-to-use wallets available to use for Koinos for now :

  • Konio (our partner) : a mobile wallet available on iOS & Android, compatible with Wallet Connect, open sourced and created by E-Time
  • Kondor : a browser extension, like Metamask, available for Chrome and Brave, open sourced and created by Julian Gonzales
  • My Koinos Wallet : a web wallet that can be used on mobile, open sourced and created by Roamin
  • Portal : a mobile app with wallet features, closed sourced and created by Ron Hamenahem

We have a small preference for Konio on mobile and for Kondor on the web. Just install one of them and follow the instructions.

Write you seed !

Don't forget to write and save your seed/mnemonic. If you lose it, you won't be able to recover your funds of you uninstall the wallet. Store it somewhere safe and never share it. Stealing it is equivalent to stealing all your funds !

Buying on MEXC

MEXC for US residents

MEXC is not available to US residents! If you're American, you'll first need to install a VPN (TorVPN, Cyberghost etc...) to change your IP location and access the exchange. You can also use the second option below,KoinSwap.

MEXC is a centralized exchange on which you can buy $KOIN. Create an account and go on the $KOIN trading page. You can follow this official tutorial to get the detailed process about how to buy a crypto on MEXC.

Buying on Coinstore

Coinstore is another centralizes exchange on which you can buy $KOIN. Create an account and go on the $KOIN trading page on which you can buy some $KOIN in exchange of $USDT.

Sending it out

Once you have bought some $KOIN on a centralized exchange, you will need to withdraw it from the exchange to your personal Koinos wallet you have created on the part above. Copy and paste you Koinos address as the withdrawal address. You can follow this official tutorial to get the detailed process about how to withdraw a crypto from MEXC. It is pretty similar for Coinstore.


Please always double-check the address you have copied as the withdrawal recipient. Once the withdrawal has been accepted / processed, you cannot cancel it. Thus, if the address is wrong or contains a typo, you won't be able to recover your money in any way !

Buying on KoinSwap


This exchange is not official but has already been used several times by the community. Use it at your own risk!

KoinSwap is a swap platform created specifically for buying $KOIN. It is available at this address KoinSwap.

  1. $USDT, $USDC and $BUSD are available as the input crypto. Select one of them and enter the amount of crypto you want to swap.
  2. Create a Koinos wallet (see the first part on this page)
  3. Once you have a wallet and, thus, a Koinos adress, you can copy and paste it on the field Recipient address.
  4. Click on Connect and connect to your favorite crypto wallet, such as Metamask, via WalletConnect by scanning the code on the mobile Metamask app.
  5. Click on Swap and you are done ! Congratulations !

One-way only

Be careful, one this exchange, you will only be able to swap from $USDC, $USDT or $BUSD to $KOIN and not the other way around. To sell it, you will need to go on MEXC.