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How to buy $KAN ?

Buying on Konio

Swap is coming to Konio

Native swap calling the KoinDX contracts will soon be available on our partner app : Konio !

Buying on KoinDX

Once you have sent your $KOIN to your personal wallet, is is really easy to swap it for $KAN. Follow this process to buy some on KoinDX.

  1. Go to KoinDX, the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on Koinos
  2. Click on the top right button Connect
  3. Accept Terms and Privacy and click on Kondor Wallet
  4. It will show a pop-up with your different accounts. Check the ones you want to connect
  5. Select $KOIN for the input crypto (selected by default) and select $KAN in the by list clicking on the output crypto tag
  6. Enter the amount of $KOIN or the amount of $KAN you want to buy
  7. Click on Swap and accept the transactions popping-up in Kondor

Issues with slippage tolerance


Slippage characterizes the difference between the expected price of an asset and the actual price at which the trade is executed

Since it is a new exchange, low liquidities are not rare on KoinDX. Hence, swapping can fail due to low slippage tolerance. You can change to a higher slippage tolerance in your settings by clicking on the ⚙ gear on the top right of the swapping page. However, be aware that is will cost you more money than the current market price for this amount. By buying this quantity, you will make the price rise !