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Importing a placeholder image ‚Äč

If you own an NFT from the Kanvas Gods collection, a new button appears below the eraser. This allows you to select an image on your computer and import it onto the canvas.

The maximum size in pixels of this image, which is its width x its height, depends on the tier of the NFT you own. Here's a table summarizing them.

CategoryMax imported image sizeSquare size image equivalent
Almighty65536 pixels256px x 256px
Olympian16384 pixels128px x 128px
Divine4096 pixels64px x 64px
Mythical256 pixels16px x 16 px
Classical64 pixels8px x 8px

Once the image has been selected, you can drag it onto the canvas and click to place it. This will act as a placeholder, i.e. it won't be saved on the canvas but will help you draw. To save it on the canvas, you need to fill it pixel by pixel.


The advantage of importing an image is that you have a reference and colors are automatically selected according to which pixel of the imported image you are hovering over.