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What is $KAN ?

$KAN is the token of the Kanvas project.


$KAN serves several purposes:

  • It is useful within the game, since it determines the maximum number of pixels the user can simultaneously hold on the pixel map.
  • It helps finance the project, its development and maintenance costs.
  • It unites the Kanvas community around a single financial value, encouraging community members to promote the project and thus obtain added value from their investment in it.
  • It raises the project's profile by listing the token on exchange and listing platforms (Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, etc.).


Tokenomics are the characteristics of the token. Here are those of $KAN :

PlatformKoinos (mainnet and test)
Total supply3,000,000
Smart-contract address1LeWGhDVD8g5rGCL4aDegEf9fKyTL1KhsS
Fixed supplyYes
Initial allocationLiquidity release on KoinDx


KAN will be launched in several stages, with different releases of liquidities on KoinDX. The funds from the sales will be used for these releases. The planning for theses releases is not fixed yet and will depend on the evolution of the project and its popularity.

Here's the token allocation table :

Project wallet: events, marketing, listings, liquidities etc...1,500,000 $KAN (50%)
Initial liquidity pools and distributions1,100,000 $KAN (37%)
Team personal wallet400,000 KAN (13%)

A third of the total $KAN supply will be kept in the development and marketing wallet to promote the project through bonuses, airdrops and contests!

Distribution of funds

The funds raised during the sales will be used to add liquidity on KoinDX.

Important disclaimer !

Please note that only the starting price of the $KAN token is guaranteed by the above allocation, and not its future evolution. Market prices for cryptocurrencies such as $KAN are extremely volatile and can change unpredictably in a very short time. By buying $KAN, you acknowledge that you understand the risks you may face in the cryptocurrency market such as complete loss of value. Kanvas project may not be accounted responsible for your decisions.