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Connecting and unlocking your wallet

Connecting your wallet

Kanvas game is backed by the $KAN token, which limits the maximum number of pixels a user can place according to the amount owned. In order to play the game, you must own $KAN and be able to prove it. You need to connect your wallet to the application.

Option 1 : Demo wallet

By default, you have a demo wallet that allows you to use Kanvas without a $KAN. You can use the entire interface, including pixel placement and deletion, but your drawings are not saved on the blockchain. So when you leave the page, your drawing disappears. You need $KAN to be able to save your drawings.

To connect a real wallet, on which you bought or sent your $KAN, the first step is to click in the top right-hand corner of the screen (the white card) and then on ⊕ Add new Wallet at the bottom of the card.

Option 2 : Kondor

To connect your Kondor accounts, click on Use Kondor. A window will open, asking you to check the accounts you wish to connect and click on Accept. From now on, every time you place a pixel, you'll have to accept it via a Kondor pop-up.

Option 3 : Konio / WalletConnect

To connect your accounts via WalletConnect, click on Use WalletConnect. A QR code will then appear. Open Konio on your phone and click on WalletConnect in the left-hand menu, then on New Connection. Scan the QR code to pair your account with the Kanvas application. A pop-up will appear and you'll have to accept it to finalize the pairing! From now on, every time you place a pixel, you'll have to accept it on Konio.

Advantage : wallet security

When using Kondor or Konio, the advantage is that each transaction must first be validated on a third-party application. So you don't have to trust us, since you can check the content of the transaction.

Option 4 : Creating a new seeded wallet

To create an entirely new and unique wallet for Kanvas, click on Create new wallet. You can then enter your wallet's personal identifier (which can be any number you wish). Then enter a password, which will be used to encrypt and unlock the wallet.

Your recovery phrase will then appear. This is also known as a seed or mnemonic. This phrase will be used to generate an infinite number of accounts. Write it down and store it in a safe place.

Write your seed !

Remember your password, and write down and store your mnemonic phrase in a safe place. If you lose them, it will be impossible to get your money back!

You now have an account for this wallet. You can copy your address to send $KOIN and $KAN to it. You can also generate new accounts linked to this seed.

Seed compatibility

Accounts generated with this seed are generated in the same way as on Kondor or Konio. Seeded accounts are therefore transferable between these applications by copy and pasting your seed.

Option 5 : Importing an existing wallet

You can also import a pre-existing wallet (see the list of wallets available on Koinos) into Kanvas, via a seed or private key.

To do this, click on Import existing wallet, then paste your private key or seed. Then click on Next and follow the same process (wallet name, password) as above.

Advantage: speed

By generating a new seed or importing a pre-existing wallet directly into Koinos, the advantage is that you don't have to validate the transaction on a third-party application every time you place a pixel. This makes drawing much faster and more seamless than a conventional web 2 application.

Unlocking saved wallets

When you add a wallet, it is saved locally and encrypted if linked to a password. These accounts will thus be saved for the next time you visit Kanvas, so that you don't have to re-import them every time you want to play.

Click on the arrow to the right to scroll down the list of your accounts, then click on the 🔒 padlock to the right of the one you want to use. Enter your password if needed (for seed or private key generated accounts). You will, however, need to do so to place pixels.