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Privacy Policy for Kanvas App


This Privacy Policy details the data handling practices for the Kanvas app. Our commitment is to user privacy while enabling full functionality of our decentralized canvas game on the Koinos blockchain.

Data Collection and Use

We collect data necessary for gameplay, including:

  • Nicknames and .Koin Names: For user identification and interaction.
  • Wallet Names: Essential for transactional functions in the app.
  • Colors History: Helper for drawing pixel by pixel in the app.

No personal data beyond the above is collected.

Data Storage and Security

  • Local Storage: Wallet and account data is encrypted and stored locally on users' devices.
  • Server Storage: No personal data is stored on our servers. Only publicly available data related to the decentralized canvas is stored.

Data Erasure

To erase their data, users can:

  • Delete the App: Removes locally stored data.
  • Clear Browser Data: Deleting cookies and local storage in the web browser removes any stored information.

Changes to This Policy

We may periodically update this Privacy Policy. Users are encouraged to review it regularly.

Contact Us

For questions about this Privacy Policy, contact us here.