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What is Kanvas ?

A crypto-game on Koinos

Kanvas is a decentralized crypto-game based on the first feeless smart-contract blockchain, Koinos ! It was created in July 2023 by Red Raven, an experienced crypto developer that has been coding in the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems since 2017.

What is a crypto-game ?

A crypto-game is a game in which some or all of the data or mechanisms are decentralized, i.e. stored on a blockchain via a smart-contract, for example. The level of decentralization can range from a game where every action is a transaction on the blockchain (totally decentralized) to a game on a classic server with only a token to reward players (token-governed game).

A fully decentralized game

In the case of Kanvas, the mechanisms and user actions all involve transactions on Koinos via a smart-contract. The server and client of the website are merely an intermediary to facilitate user interaction and pixel map visualization. However, there is no need for the site for the game to continue to exist, since it is stored entirely decentralized on Koinos.

A game based on a viral concept, r/place

The concept behind Kanvas is very simple. It's inspired by the r/place event that took place for its first edition in 2015 on Reddit.

I want to know more about r/place

On r/place, each player could place a colored pixel on a canvas every five minutes. Communities would then come together to draw images that represented them. It was then a matter of protecting them from other communities. This is how the concept of "pixel war" came about. After a predefined period of time, the event came to an end, and the final canvas became a collaborative work of art.

A collaborative canvas

On both Kanvas and r/place, players can place colored pixels on a canvas.

The size of Kanvas' canvas

The Kanvas' canvas is 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. However, its size can be modified by our team if the need arises.

However, it's impossible to strictly apply the principle of "1 pixel every five minutes" of r/place for each user, since accounts can be created free of charge and very easily on Koinos. And that's one of its advantages!

Bound to a token : KAN

A simple solution was found : users can place a maximum number of pixels equal to the number of KAN tokens they own on their account.

Don't move your KAN tokens

If the KAN tokens are moved to another account, the pixels placed by the old account are deleted.