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Kanvas Gods - NFT Collection

A NFT collection fully integrated in Kanvas

Kanvas Gods is a unique and exclusive NFT collection available for sale on Kollection, fully integrated into the Kanvas gameplay and inspired by Greek mythology, where gods shape the digital world of Kanvas. The collection begins with the 'Almighty' tier, featuring only three tokens representing the divine rulers—Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Below, you'll find a preview of their portraits, but the complete NFTs will showcase the full images set against detailed backgrounds.

This is followed by the 'Olympian' tier, comprising eleven tokens. Each NFT in these tiers endows its holder with enhanced capabilities on the canvas, including extensive pixel placement, improved erasing, and the ability to import images, reflecting the might and creativity of ancient Greek deities shaping the pixelated world of Kanvas.

The NFT sale

The initial sale featured 14 pre-minted prestigious NFTs and they are available for sale on Kollection. As a holder of these esteemed NFTs, you not merely participate in a game; you are actively shaping a digital world, pixel by pixel, in a manner reminiscent of the democratic ethos that flourished in the Greek polis.

NFT Tiers

As mentioned previously, the NFT collection is divided into five distinct rarity tiers, offering varying levels of creative influence within the Kanvas game, distinguished by their capabilities in pixel placement and image importing.


The 'Almighty' tier features the three most powerful deities: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. This is followed by the 'Olympian' tier, which includes eleven gods, each embodying a specific legacy. Future sales will introduce the 'Divine' tier, encompassing a broader range of Greek divinities including Titans, other gods, primordial beings, and semi-heroes. The 'Mythical' tier will feature mythical objects such as the caduceus or Achilleus's sword, while the 'Classical' tier will represent everyday objects from ancient Greece, further enriching the mythological narrative of the game. Here are the fourteen gods that will be sold on the 1st of December.

IdGod NameLegacyTierPrice
#1ZeusKing of GodsAlmighty1500 $KOIN
#2PoseidonGod of the SeaAlmighty1000 $KOIN
#3HadesGod of the UnderworldAlmighty1000 $KOIN
#4HeraQueen of GodsOlympian700 $KOIN
#5DemeterGoddess of AgricultureOlympian700 $KOIN
#6HestiaGoddess of the HearthOlympian700 $KOIN
#7AthenaGoddess of WisdomOlympian700 $KOIN
#8ApolloGod of the ArtsOlympian700 $KOIN
#9ArtemisGoddess of the HuntOlympian700 $KOIN
#10AphroditeGoddess of LoveOlympian700 $KOIN
#11HephaestusGod of the ForgeOlympian700 $KOIN
#12HermesMessenger of the GodsOlympian700 $KOIN
#13AresGod of WarOlympian700 $KOIN
#14DionysosGod of WineOlympian700 $KOIN

Pixel capability

The first and foremost capability offered by the NFTs is the enhanced pixel placement and erasing function. Depending on the tier of the NFT owned, players can place or erase a maximum number of pixels in a single transaction. This feature significantly augments the creative potential and efficiency of players on the Kanvas platform. For instance, an NFT from the 'Almighty' tier allows for up to 100 pixels to be placed or erased per transaction, while an 'Olympian' tier NFT permits up to 50 pixels. The default value will be 5 pixels per transaction.

Image placeholders

The collection introduces an image importing function, where players can upload an image as a placeholder to guide their artwork on Kanvas. The maximum image size is determined by the NFT tier owned. This placeholder aids in color selection and design layout, although players still need to manually fill in the image, maintaining an interactive and creative process.

Capabilities are not cumulative !

NFT capabilities in "Gods on Kanvas" are not cumulative. Owning multiple NFTs across different tiers will not combine their features; the system only recognizes the highest tier associated with the player's address. This ensures that gameplay remains balanced and fair, with the highest tier NFT dictating the level of capabilities available to the player.


The profiles of god-tier NFT holders are prominently displayed on the leaderboard and in the account details, making owning of the Kanvas Gods even more prestigious!

Colors history

Kanvas Gods' owners have access to their color history in the color picker, to help them creating their art pixel by pixel!

Visibility and future capabilities

As "Kanvas Gods" evolves, new capabilities may be introduced, especially with higher tiers. These could include unique features like pixel protection in specific zones for set periods, powers related to a god's realm, or cosmetic effects visible when placing pixels. Community suggestions will play a crucial role in shaping these future enhancements. Additionally, When other users hover over pixels placed by these holders, they'll see an indication of the holder's powerful status, adding an exciting social element to the Kanvas experience.

Tiers details

All these information are synthetised in the table down below

CategoryNFTs numberLaunch dateMax pixels per transactionMax imported image size
Almighty31st December10065536 pixels
Olympian111st December5016384 pixels
Divine25TBA254096 pixels
Mythical50TBA15256 pixels
Classical100TBA1064 pixels


Kanvas Gods NFT collection is more than just an artistic feat; it's a supporting step towards expanding Kanvas's reach. Proceeds facilitates a centralized exchange listing and enhance liquidity in the KoinDX pool, setting the stage for a Coinmarketcap listing.

A NFT crafted with care

Each god, from their attributes to their positioning, has been crafted with care. The process begins with a first draft created using DALL-E 3, followed by intensive refining and photoshopping. A full three days are dedicated to perfecting each image, ensuring that every NFT is a masterpiece in its own right.

Kanvas, acclaimed as the leading game and celebrated for its triumph in a hackathon, plays a significant role in the Koinos blockchain ecosystem. Its success and innovations continue to be instrumental in fostering Koinos's growth. Yet, in this journey, we remain grounded and committed to our community and the larger vision.

Join this unique endeavor; your purchase isn't just an NFT, it's a stake in Kanvas's evolution, merging myth with technology in a digital creative playground. By acquiring a Kanvas God, you support Kanvas and Koinos in general. Embrace this opportunity to shape the Kanvas universe and own a piece of this evolving legacy